The Home Entertainment furniture scene has shifted thanks to thinner TVs (depth), remote controls which operate through cabinet doors, and wiring options allowing components to be 150' or more from the TV.

Never See Your Electronics Again
Check out our furniture gallery at Choice Furniture and, you'll see exactly what I mean. No more smoked glass, grill cloth, or open spaces to expose unsightly, mismatched components.  As for convenience, remember that you'll only have to open the doors when you want to insert a DVD or switch iPods in docking station. Changing channels, pausing a DVD, or turning on components can all be accomplished with the doors closed. An investment in a new entertainment furniture should last 15 years.  Get it right. You'll be glad you did.

Custom or Store Bought Media Cabinets?
There are reasons to consider both options and some pitfalls to avoid.  Furniture manufacturers can take up to 10-18 weeks to a deliver a piece. Many of them offer little opportunity for personalization, but there are exceptions. A custom piece can be tailored to your aesthetic preferences, and the dimensions can be designed to fit a particular space. Some cabinet builders can turn a piece around in 2-4 weeks. However, many cabinet builders don't do enought media furniture to appreciate the challenges of today's HDTVs and supporting components.  AV furniture has different considerations than kitchen cabinets. We've learned, along with some of our early customers, the hard way.

Bay Area Gadgets' Furniture Partners.
Each resource listed below is highly recommended. Which is right for you depends on  considerations of style, budget, equipment, and room requirements. They are listed in alphabetical order out of respect for each. To narrow your options, I'll be happy to provide a brief phone consultation to shorten your list. You can contact me at 408-393-4779. If you require an in-home consultation, understand my knowledge of media furnture is the most complete in the valley. It's my passion.

Bassett Furniture
Address: 1287 Industrial Road
San Carlos, CA 94070
Contact: John Candell - General Manager
Phone: 650-264-4500

Ethan Allen Design Center - Oakridge Mall
Address: 925 Blossom Hill Road
San Jose, CA 95123
Contact: Catherine D'Ardenne
Phone: 408-227-4900