A 90 minute in-home consultation is only $150, a meeting that will:

Save you hundreds to thousands of dollars on the equipment, furniture, and services you'll need for your new system or current system upgrade.

Save you many hours of frustration as you conceive your project, define your budget, and discover option for bringing your new entertainment experience to life.

I educate you on the aesthetic, installation, equipment, furniture, and use considerations you won't learn from any retailer, remodeler, interior designer, or cabinet maker.  These folks are not enemies. We collaborate with them all.  They just don't have the complete picture for planning and implementing your home entertainment system. Conversely, we often need one of more of these professionals to execute your vision. We'll work with your specialist or recommend one or more from our portfolio of partners.

I provide you expert, unbiased equipment / pricing information.  I know the sales / negotiation strategies for each retailer and manufacturer, both in-store and online.  We have no dog in the hunt when it comes to your choice of TVs, Blu-ray players, High Definition TV service etc.

I introduce you to innovative products which solve specific problems you won't find in-store, and only online through hours of research.

I help you create a system that will meet all your goals and a system which will be the envy of family, neighbor, and friends.

I insure that any advice your're getting from family, friends, stores, and interior designers, and remodelers is accurate, current, and applicable to your specific situation.

Bay Area Gadgets - My Unique Background & Perspective

Design and/or Implementation of 400+ home entertainment projects across the valley in partnership with local experts in other disciplines.

I believe that every home is entitled to affordable elegance.  Together, we create the best elements of the solutions you'll find in the homes where price is no object.

I served in corporate roles at Best Buy, Good Guys, & CompUSA reviewing products, setting competitive strategies, and developing home entertainment / home technology white papers for my annual Consumer Electronic Show visits in Las Vegas.  I have attended the last 12 Consumer Electronic Shows and know how to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to new products and trends.

Each month, I receive product briefings and trainings which are not available to the staff of Best Buy, Fry's and Maganolia. We know, often months in advance, about new innovations in the brands they carry.

I personally subscribe to and research 40+ publications monthly from Home Entertainment to Consumer Reports to Abolute Sound and This Week In Consumer Electronics.  My need to read will insure you get the most for your money, avoid early obsolescence, and make you aware of products not sold in stores.

I personally install/program the electronics and remote controls. I train our clients so the final result is always tailored to how you & your family interact with TV, music, movies, iPods, computers, and more. Our services are tailored to your specific needs. I know what "Ease Of Use" means to clients.

Beyond The Initial Consultation Consultation
Bay Area Gadgets Can Create A Detailed Budget/System & Installation Project Management. Read on to see if a detailed design is appropriate for you.

Detailed Design & Budget
The initial consultation provides substantive, actionable intelligence, a general game plan, and a 25,000-50,000 foot view project budget.  Most of my clients have realized the additional time and money savings of a detailed project layout, pricing down to the last component, and fees for furniture, painting, electrical, etc.  For this additional documentation and research, I charge $80 per hour, and you receive a lot for that investment.  The detailed pricing/project information typically require 4-7 hours of my time.  If you're interested in saving additional money and time, I can tell you exactly what your investement will be at the end of the initial consultation.

Installation and Project Managment Services
Bay Area Gadgets targets its services to busy professionals and families who don't have the time to manage every detail of their project.  They want the job done right, at a fair price, and early warnings to any unexpected issues which arise during a remodel, design, or installation.  The detailed budget/design will let you shop our recommendations/design to any other retailer/custom installer / Craig's list, your brother/enthusiast/handyman.  We won't be the least expensive.  If we can't stand behind our work, we won't take on the project.  That said, we have yet to have someone else install one of our designs. They simply can't compete with our attention to detail, quality of work, focus on your specific needs, and post-installation service.

The Integrated Lifestyle In-Home Consultations

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