When A Room Looks Like It Was Thrown Together And, Magically, Everything Just Went Together, Chances Are A Professional Interior Designer Was Involved. Bay Area Gadgets' Most Inspired Home Entertainment Systems Were Created In Collaboration With A Local Interior Design Specialist.

This section will evovle as a resource for those interested in locating the best Interior Designer for your project.  In the meantime, call me to discuss any of these outstanding professionals. As with my other Partner Pages, I'm listing each professional alphabetically.  Please don't read anything else into the order of appearance.

Using An Interior Designer - The Benefits
The benefits of using an Interior Designer are similar to those you receive from using Bay Area Gadgets: more options, lower costs than attempting to do it yourself, and project management.

Qualified Interior Designers are experts in space planning and room arrangment. They see possbilities most of us don't as we are too close to the problem we are trying to solve. They can also advise you as to the investment required for a makeover and options which can give you the greatest value for a given budget

Second, Interior Designers have access to products and materials which won't be found by most "laypersons". Each retail store or online catalog only has a limited number of solutions, and putting the pieces together into a more functional, more attractive living space usually requires the skills of an Interior Design Specialist. Generally, designers can obtain the necessary room solutions at a lower cost than  most consumers.

Finally, an Interior Design Specialist can  manage your project. They've worked with a variety of general contractors and other specialists.  They make sure your project comes together in the shortest time possible, on budget. A quality makeover involves managing a variety of elements in realtime and nipping potential problems in the bud.

Bay Area Gadgets is an enthusiastic supporter of the Interior Design community and recommends the following partners. We are proud to be a member in the local chapter of the American Society of Ineterior Designers.

Accent On Design
Contact: Lila Levinson
Phone: 408-988-4600
Web: http://www.accentondesign.net
Email: accentondesign@yahoo.com

Carol Woodard And Associates
Contact: Carol Woodard
Phone: 408-867-5085
Web: http://www.woodardandassociates.com
Email: carol@woodardandassociates.com

Contact: Patrice Greene - Owner
Phone: 408-866-1122
Web: http://www.strategicmarketingservice.com
Email: patrice@dzignit.com

Design2 Interiors
Contact: Eleanor Berman
Phone: 408-284-0100
Web: http://www.design2interiors.com
Email: ellie@design2interiors.com

Homescape Designs
Contact: Sara Arlin
Phone: 408-460-1975
Web: http://www.homedesignscapes.com
Email: sara_arlin@sbcglobal.net

Interspace Design
Contact: Marie Chan
Phone: 408.261.2181
Web: mchan@interspace-design.com
Email: http://www.interspace-design.com

Magdalena Design Interiors
Contact: Magdalena Bogart
Phone: 650-968-1030
Web: www.magdalenatbogartinteriors.com
Email: m@magdalenabogartinteriors.com

Marian London - Interior Designer
Contact: Marian London
Phone: 559-259-7357
Email: marianlondon@gmail.com

The Well - An Interior Design Studio
Contact: Rebecca Dunn Rivera
Phone: 408-315-3183
Email: TheWell.HomeDesign@gmail.com

Viscusi Elson Interior Design
Contact: Gina Viscusi
Phone: 650-941-7800
Web: http://veinteriordesign.com
Email: gina@veinteriordesign.com

Zamudio Interiors
Contact: Dawn Zamudio
Phone: 408-888-0601
Web: www.zamudiointeriors.com
Email: zamudiointeriors@mac.com

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