Suzi and Kenny Blackman - Almaden Valley
"We were James' first customer the day he opened Bay Area Gadgets. He's taken care of all our technology needs from mounting a TV on our brick fireplace to designing a new home office. Since then, James has guided us as we upgraded to SmartPhones, Social Networking, new digital cameras and more."

Kelsey & Lane - Realtors - Keller Williams - Cupertino
"We did an intial consultation and design with James and identified our objectives. He kept us up to date an all the market changes as we moved into new home. The day we moved, he and his team arrived. We were up and running that evening with a 50" TV over our fireplace and a new sound system. His thorough training allowed us to reap all the benefits of our new system."

Bonnie Wilson & Michael Priest - Willow Glen
We had no idea if it was possible to mount a TV over our fireplace. We had no idea what was behind our custom wood paneling. We consulted with James who brought his construction spcialist to determine feasibility.  The result was stunning. The TV looks great even when it's turned off. Best of all James, James called us two weeks after installtion to inform us the TV price dropped in price.  We made a phone call to Maganolia who refunded our money over the phone.

Leo and April Pursley - Retired Entreprenuers
"We admit to being analog beings in a digital world. In addition to a complete home entertainment system operated with a single remote control, he's continually updated all our home and business PCs. We are especially happy with the web cam setup and Skype service we use to keep in touch with our grandkids every Sunday evening. James is our Digital Handyman for upgrades, training, and trouble shooting."

Joe & Millie Medoro - Willow Glen - Realtor
We knew we wanted a flat panel TV and audio system when we remodeled our home. We hired James to advise us on the equipment it would take to meet our needs, construction considerations, and a very detailed budget.  He collaborated with the contractor and cabinet builder over the next six months.  From all the cabling to teaching us how to use our Universal Remote, he took care of everything. The resulting look is everything we could have asked for.

Bobbie Lemberg - Realtor Coldwell Banker
"I met James through the local Realtor Association. I wanted to dump my old TV and oak entertainment center, but I couldn't find a piece of furniture which fit my corner space or my tastes. James brought in Nathan, a very creative cabinet builder to build a custom piece which fit the space perfectly and looks beautiful. All the electronics are hidden and you'd never know there's a powerful speaker system in the enclosure. It even rolls out for cleaning."

Beth & Roy Johnson - Los Altos
We had wall width bay window housing an oake entertainment center and two older TV. Our Interior Designer recommended a a new piece which would house two LCD TVs, a 5 channel sound system. and the subwoofer. Our major objective is that none of the electronics except the TVs be seen. James developed the design and budget with the designer and cabinet builder, Nathan, who was brought into the project. We never visited the electronics stores.  One day, the equipment and installation was done in parallel with the cabinet installation. It was like a dance. Our room has the look we desired, and our many guests are able to operate the new system with just a minute of training.

Dr. Michael Drinnan - San Mateo
We had already made our intial move to High Definition TV, Surround Sound, and a Universal Remote control. The previous installers made a mess of the remote, plus we wanted to add a new TV on a moving mount in my office guest room.  I had James prepare a design and budget for new cabling, turning the closet into an equipment room, updating our existing system. James and his cabling specialists arrived on time and dug right in. The next evening, I had my new system, and James has been perpetually available to help me refine my system as I learned more about it capabilities.

Diane Stabile - Sunnyvale
I enjoy TV and music but didn't want to change the look of my living room, in particular a beautiful cabinet I've owned for many years.  James shopped for the biggest TV which would fit the space, made the Comcast service upgrade arrangements, and programmed my all-in-one remote.  When it was time to consdier an iPod, James picked out the perfect supporting audio system and a remote that allows me to control my iPod any where in the home. When I purchased my new home, he packed up everything, moved it to the new location and set up my home office network and entertainment system. I didn't lift a finger."

Mercedes Holland & Charlie Knezevich
"When we did our whole house remodel, we knew we wanted a wall mounted TV and a look that would catch our eye when we walked into the room. Jame pulled together products from a variety of sources and showed us how we could hide all the components behind a closed closet door. He handled the cabling, installation, and has been available 7x24 when we forgot how to use part of our system. We gave him our budget and goals, and he handled everything so we just move in and recover from our remodel."

Greg & Stacey Galasso - San Jose
"We had selected the TV we wanted installed into a wall inset above our fireplace. We had also chosen the contractor when we realized there were a lot of product and installation questions we needed answered. James collaborated with our contractor, upgraded our DirecTV cabling, purchased the missing components, and programmed our Universal Remote Control. During the installation we decided we would replace the bedrooom TV. We picked out a model online, ran to Best Buy while they worked downstairs. It was installed immediately so we could enjoy our new bedroom system that evening. The living room install looks like a work of art."

Dave and Heidi Zinman - Realtor - Coldwell Banker
James was recommended by our mover.  We wanted all our electronics hooked back up the momement we moved in.  James and colleague came arrived at 8:00, asked a few questions and dug in. By 11:30, they had all our entertainment systems and home office back in action.  Anyone moving should consider Bay Area Gadgets to get their new home up and running in the shortest possible time.

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