Let Big Box Stores Battle It Out Over Commodity Products - We Know How To Protect Your Money
We provide advice and services on commodity products like TVs, Receivers, and DVD Players.  There's no reason for Bay Area Gadgets to be involved in price Wars / Warranty Issues when there's Best Buy, Magnolia, Costco, & Fry's. We became the experts on what to buy, where to buy, and how to get the best post-sale price protection so you don't have to. Think of Bay Area Gadgets as your Digital Mercenary for hire.

However, We Do Provide Hard To Find Solutions Which Overcome Aesthetic And Functional Challenges. You Buy Them From Bay Area Gadgets. We Deliver Them In the Valley & To The Pensinsula.  Affordable Setup As Required.
There are a variety of speakers, iPod solutions, and remote controls which can't be find in the stores or even on popular web sites.  There are a handful of vendors we decided to include in our repoirtoire because they have performed so brilliantly for our clients. If you have a need, we have a solution.

If you have a preference for another solution, that's fine.  We are, after all, a services company.  That said, we'll be surprised if you're not impressed with thes solutions we recommend.

Call me at 408-393-4779 or email me at james@bayareagadgets.com for suitability, pricing, and availability.

Our Current Product Solutions Include:

Definitive Technology  Speakers - Sound & Beauty - Tiny Subwoofers - Complete Sound Systems In One Enclosure - Disapperating In-Ceiling Speakers

Monitor Radius HD Lifestyle Speakers - Affordable Elegance - From Tiny Cubes To On Wall Speakers Which Hilight Your TV - Available In 6 Colors

ZVOX Audio Self-Powered Speakers - ZBase 550, The New 430 & The Amazing Mini - From $149.

Totem Accoustics - World Class Lifestyle Speakers

Leon Speakers - Horizon Customized Sound Bars - We Design & Leon Buidls Speakers Which Match Your TVs Size And Your Room Colors

AudioQuest Audio / Video Cables

Soundcast, Wireless, Weatherproof, Rechargebeale Speakers - The Work 300 Feet From The Music Source Or Take It To The Park Or Beach With Your iPod

Panamax AC Power Protection & Battery Backup - AfFordable Protection, Performance, & Peace Of Mind - $149 - $799

Universal Remote Control - Affordable, Simple To Use - End Clutter - Control Everything Even When Components Are Hiddend Behind Cabinet & Closet Doors - $149.99 - $449 - Programming $150-200

Home Entertainment Receivers From Denon, Arcam, Onkyo, Yamaha, & Sony - You Pay The Same As The Stores & We Deliver - From $499 - $5,000 - The Best Solutions For Every Budget
www.usa.denon.com     www.onkyousa.com
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The Home Of Unique Solutions To Improve Your Entertaiment Lifestyle
Monitor Radius HD Sound Bar
Definitive Technology Mythos
ZVOX Audio 415 Sound Bar
Totem Acoustic Tribe Series
Denon's 2010 Home Entertainment Receivers
Arcam DVD - All In One Entertainment Systems
& AV Receivers
SoundCast OutCast Outdoor Wireless Speakers
Universal Remote's Family Of Easy To Operate All-In One Remotes
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