In three years of business, the question I'm often asked is "What About Geek Squad?"

It's a fair question and one we'll answer succinctly. Our clients want more than any single retailer can provide.

1. We come to your home to gather information on your technology use, budget, room constraints, and more. We make evaluations of every possible solution which may have value. We don't limit our expertise to products and services we sell.

2. Any Technology Integrator knows that successful projects often take additional partners: designers, contractors, electrical, cabinet builders. We spend every available moment interviewing the best of these so we can recommend and collaborate with the best of them as needed. Every retailer, from Best Buy to Magnolia to Fry's has rules against recommending any complimentary service. You'll have to vet them yourself and you will will be the agent of collaboration.

3. We have knowledge of pending and future products of which retailers are not aware. Even if they did, can't share the information with you as they need to sell what they have today. Bay Area Gadgets prevents you from making purchases which become prematurely obsolete. We scour 40+ publications monthly so we can be your trusted advisor. We also learn from our installations which product perform as advertised.

4. We are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to handle any post installation issues directly.  Our clients prefer that to 800-Geek Squad. We have too much invested to disappoint a single valley / peninsula customer.

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Bay Area Gadgets vs. Geek Sqaud

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